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  • Adopt a computer.
    Adopt a computer.
    When you adopt a computer, you are telling the desktop to assume the computer ID of another other desktop installation.
  • Back up open files.
    Back up open files.
    This article describes how backups take place on files that are open at the time of backup.
  • Download FractalBackup.
    Download FractalBackup.
    You can download the FractalBackup software from the FractalBackup website.
  • Desktop restore.
    Desktop restore.
    Restoring files from the desktop is the primary way to restore.
  • Web restore.
    Web restore.
    Web Restore is a great way to quickly restore a small number of files to any computer with a web browser.
  • Back up faster.
    Back up faster.
    Designed not to make heavy demands on your computer's resources, the default settings trade speed for quiet background operation.
  • Uninstall Desktop Software.
    Uninstall Desktop Software.
    Each operating system uses a different process for uninstalling the desktop. Follow the process for yours.

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